Well is this going to be the case?

Product placement has always been de rigueur in films, and in the United States and Australia product placement in television has been the norm for quite sometime. So will we notice the difference? For one, there wont be that annoying blurred out t-shirt or mug on a judges desk, so to begin with we think you are going to notice but after while it wont even register.

But being marketers we wont to know where the opportunities are right? And being focused on hotels, are there opportunities for you to feature your venue ?

Essentially featuring your hotel, bar or venue in any television show is sponsorship, so a strategic approach needs to be taken. The television show and its demographic needs to complement your marketing strategy as there is little point in having your hotel appear in Home and Away when the majority of your customers are listening to Radio 4…

So before considering turning the lobby into a television set ask yourself, will appearing on the next episode of that famous soap add value to your brand, or will it barely be noticed by an audience focused on other things.

Thanks for reading and as always we look forward to your comments.

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